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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 2 2020 No.646


I know what you're thinking... have I suddenly lapsed into "normal crazy"?  No - you should know me better than that!  But, what I'm doing is ensuring that, regardless of what is going on around us, we keep a steady head... then that's the degree of our shared "new normal" that we should go out of our way, not just to maintain but to develop.

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Today's Quick Tip

Remember, every moment presents you with a choice: you can let your automated mind make the wrong choice (if it makes the right one it will be pure dumb luck) or you can pause and choose to be in the moment.

So, today, get into the good habit of pausing before you say something (anything), pausing before you react (it will enable you act instead); pausing before you do the mundane (it will no longer be mundane).

The pause is a split second - half a breath - the kind of pause a cat will take before it pounces on its prey.

Your prey, for today, is the wonderful experience of being in the moment.

I've mentioned "pure dumb luck" in today's Quick Tip - and I mean it.  Even though every single moment of our lives is unique, our preprogrammed automated minds keep making the same decisions.  Sometimes these decisions will be appropriate simply because, as a result of our automated everyday lives, one moment looks and feels much like the next to the normally minded.  As a result, of course, one day, week, month or year, looks and feels much like any other.

Even in our current execptional circumstances, our minds are still on autopilot - possibly even moreso because we feel we are in survival mode - remember, that's what our automated minds are designed for.  That's why people are getting "tetchy" (that's how it was described to me yesterday) within the confines of their own homes, with people the love?

That's why domestic violence is a real and present challenge for people who are staying at home with abusers.  Its why the joy of the first few days of novelty - playing cards, making fancy dinners, creating new dance moves! - is wearing thin... we're just not built for choosing to do the right thing moment to moment.

The fact that we're built to "lather, rinse, repeat" shouldn't daunt you.  It is an opportunity: every time your automated mind challenges you - with a repeat performance of something you simply know you shouldn't do; every time you say something that pours petrol on the flames; every time your crazy mind throws stupid thoughts at you (even during meditation or, perhaps, especially during meditation... pause, recognise it for what it is (a challenge) - and take responsibility.

Flick the switch - take control - change your life.  In changing your's you might just make the kind of impact we all will need to make in the coming weeks and months as the opportunity for a new normal emerges.

In various countries, normal crazy morons are organising Covid-19 parties... in the first and hardest-hit town in France, a gang was arrested for organising a big barbaque... some people around me here think that they're on holidays.

We know that normal is crazy - as Harvard, amongst others, would put it, the vast majority of people are controlled by their owna automated minds... the definition of crazy.

This is beyond normal crazy, though and, unlike almost every single story I've written since 2008, this is no laughing matter.

But, I'll tell you what is... the Australian astrophysicist who set out to develop a device that would stop people touching their face.  He was admitted to hospital with four high-powered magnets lodged firmly up his nose!

We need to keep laughing.


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