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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 19 2020 No.644


A short video for our times... what we need right now is the presence of mind, right now, to behave ourselves.  We need all our energy and our strength to do the right things.

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Today's Quick Tip

Take a deep breath or two.  Experience the reality of the moment.  And, then, reflect on your actions but, perhaps at this moment in our shared experience, your reactions.

How are you behaving yourself?  Are you running with the herd?  Are you running scared?  You might, on the other hand, be one of those people who is burying their head in the sand.  Neither extreme is appropriate.  Both extremes are reactive.

And reactive is always bad (unless you're about to be hit by a train or have your head ripped off by the proverbial tiger).

Measured responsive action is not just so much better... it's life enhancing and changing.

In life, as in comedy, timing is everything!  And, as synchronicity would have it, right now, my timing is perfect for we are, as you might have noticed, bang in the middle of a series of videos on the practice and development of mindfulness.  And, as things stand, we need to be more mindful than ever... you also might have noticed a lot of mindlessness around over the last week, since we talked last.

It is a fundamental truth that life is lived in moments.  You need your energy freely available moment-to-moment to be able to live your life to the full, regardless of the circumstances in which you, me or all of us might find ourselves.  Live life to the full right now.  Gather up you energy - that's what today's Video is all about - and deploy it in the right manner.

When we do this, we rise to the occasion... interesting that, in French, the word "occasion" also means opportuniity!  When we are in a position to rise to the occasion, to grasp the opportunity to shine in this moment, we possess an unaldulterable ability to transform even the most imperfect of moments... into Perfect Moments.

I was going to say "remember this today" - but, when we are in the zone, when we have marshalled our energy and focus - we don't need to remember anything - our ability to transform the moment simply comes naturally.

Let that inner you out today.  Just let go of all the nonsense that you thought or might still think is holding you back.  Let's not tie ourselves in knots thinking about what might or might not happen... doing the right thing now ensures that, come what may, we're moving in the right direction.


It seems a little unseemly to be chuckling at the behaviour of normal crazy people given that the inability of normal crazy people to simply do the right thing has, in no small part, got us to where we are - on all fronts!

What do I mean?  Normal crazy bankers wreaked greedy havoc through the early 2000s, culminating in the crash of 2008.  Normal crazy boozers crammed into clubs and bars - and not just in Ireland! - when, as the Italians would now tell you, had you stayed at home you mightn't be compelled to stay at home now... by law!

And it isn't even remotely funny to mention normal crazy politicians... people who occupy leadership positions but wouldn't know how to put their best foot forward if their life (other than their political life) depended upon it.  So we won't mention them!!!

The key thing is, right now, that we need to do our best to be abnormal... we might just be able to spread it around.


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