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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 27 2020 No.641


When I talk to people about mindfulness, I get the sense that some think they know what I'm talking about whilst others' eyes practically glaze over... the truth is that mindfulness is now so much talked freely about that, like many things in popular culture, nobody really knows what they're talking about!

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Today's Quick Tip

Take a few short minutes today to reflect on how you're performing... in any and every aspect of what you have to do today: from working, to helping, minding, caring, chatting, gossipping, relaxing, eating, sleeping.

Is it all just "go go go" or are you a little more "tuned in" than that?

After you've taken those few short minutes to reflect, remember to remind yourself as the day progresses that today, this here and now, is worth giving it your all - because only here and now can you do and be anything.

I've given you a list of potential activities that you could reflect upon in today's Quick Tip.  On the one hand - and this is kind of obvious - the list is not exhaustive.  On the other - and this is less obvious - every single breath you take, every single moment you experience, bears scrutiny.

As today's Video explores, you don't pick up mindfulness for a few minutes in the morning and put it down again for the rest of the day. Mindfulness is nothing if that's your approach to it... you'd be better off spending a few minutes picking your nose!

We need to scrutinize ourselves.  Our subconscious mind - known in psychology as the Constant Observer - is doing this all the time.  And, if we don't hold ourselves up to deliberate scrutiny, what the Constant Observer sees, hears and feels is just about (at a push) one step removed from the stupidity that we explore in today's Normal Crazy People.  As the Constant Observer keeps witnessing automated nonsense, it assumes (rightly) that it is the norm... you're good to go!

But the norm is bad: it constrains, impedes, imprisons... it is self-sabotaging to the extent that not only do you ultimately self-destruct, but you take those around you down with you too.  It's simply not good enough... to put it mildly!

So scrutinize yourself today.  Do it again tomorrow.  Do it until you start naturally keeping yourself on your toes, holding yourself to account, ensuring that you take responsibility for your actions, emotions, feelings and interactions... so that you start doing the right things and forget the rest.

The norm perpetuates the norm.  Re-calibrating yourself right now will bring about a new normal for you and those around you... and that perpetuates too.

As today's Quick Tip says, only here and now can you do and be anything.  And, as it turns out, all too often, here and now, quite a lot of people are pretty darn stupid!

Remember the pensioner who was jailed in England for manslaughter?  He'd had a fight in an ASDA supermarket carpark over a parking space and the other pensioner had died. And, just this week, someone has been stabbed to death over an ongoing argument about a parking space. 

We regularly see pushing and shoving, shouting and screaming in carparks and shops... all holiday-makers, of course, suffering from the stress of having to try to enjoy themselves... seriously!

And, speaking of holiday-makers, of the thousand people quarantined in a hotel in the Canaries at present, having been told to stay in their rooms, a tourist counted 268 people lying on sunbeds around the pool, whilst - wait for it - quite a number where swimming in the pool whilst wearing surgical masks.

Hard to make this kind of stuff up!


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