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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 6 2020 No.638


You might think you're stuck - and, if you think that, you might as well be stuck! But that's not the reality of the situation at all... the reality is very different indeed. And it's time for you to get involved.

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Today's Quick Tip

It doesn't matter how imperfect this moment appears to be.  First of all, like every other moment in your life... it will pass.

But, while you're in it, why not take one step back, park your thoughts, come to your senses and transform the imperfectoin of the moment into - yes, you've guessed it - a Perfect Moment.

People often complain to me that their minds jump all over the place when they're meditating.  I always reply that they should be delighted with the opportunity to call themselves to attention and let the thought(s) pass... perfect mental training.

And so it is with life in general - every imperfect moment is an opporuntity for you to flex your mental muscles.

We need to talk about package - not your's or mine - baggage in general.  As we move through our childhood, we pick it up as we go and, although we often won't be consciously aware of it on an ordinary everyday basis as we move through our adult lives, it is weighing us down. 

Actually, you know, the "baggage" analogy isn't a great one.  Even if baggage is heavy and cumbersome, we'll genrally drag it wherever we go as we try to get to our destination.  But our mental baggage actually stops us in our tracks - not only does it prevent us moving forward at all, it blinds us as to the destination (or, at least, the next milestone on our journey).

Your thoughts disable you.  Your thoughts suppress your energy.   Your thoughts depress you. Most of all, they smother us in a thick fog that prevents us moving in any direction at all... we keep going around in circles because, from one day to the next, our thoughts are continuously going around in circles.  These are simply scientific facts... I'm neither trying to embellish nor dramatize the situation.

Today's video explains that, when you're stuck in thought, you're stuck... full stop.  And, in the nicest possible way, I suggest that you "get over yourself".  But, perhaps, I should be more forthright: you need to detach yourself from your thoughts - it's a matter of life and death. 

And you need to take this action now.  If you don't do it now, you don't do it.  Because it's only in the here and now that real action can be taken.  If you think about doing it (say, tomorrow), actually all you're doing is thinking about it.  MORE THOUGHT!

I've just come to the end of two weeks online free training - perhaps you've been through it - where we explored what we need to do to detach ourselves from the unreality of our own thoughts.  I've just finished a session with a leadership team the far side of the Atlantic where we talked about exactly the same thing.  Detachment.  Everyone with whom I've been talking over the last few weeks - or, actually, over the last twenty four years, knows about the absolute importance of detachment.

When you detach yourself (from your own thoughts) you suddenly experience a whole new world... it's called reality and it's happening in the here and now... for a limited time only!!

Wow... the higher up the foodchain you go, the more you're likely to meet some real animals!

We had the example a few weeks ago of the rich and shameless asking for the seat leather to be polished until "I can see my face in it"... and, now, I've just caught up with a good friend who has been the GM of a couple of midtown Manhattan hotels over the last few years.

Rarely has he had much trouble with guests when he managed 4* Hotels (other than a bit of normal madness obviously!) but, when it comes to 5* guests, he remarked that, prior to Christmas, each time guests checked out after a few days Christmas shopping in the Big Apple, he practically had to order specialist rubbish skips to remove the shopping bags, packaging and associated rubbish that would be strewn around the bedrooms as if a tornado had just passed through!

And that brings me to my Kost de Paris shoes!  What's the connection, well I'm always careful of my favourite shoes and that's why it was with utter consternation, having walked into the lounge of a well-known 5* Hotel, that I found myself stuck to the luxury deep-pile carpet... by a big lump of freshly chewed gum.  It had simply been ejected wherever happened to be convenient to the guest in question.


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