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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 30 2020 No.637


I've left the details out of this video because, at the very least, they are an in-your-face example of the complete madness of normal crazy people or, in this case, a normal crazy person.  But that is not the purpose of this video - the intention is that you understand the power of intention...

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Today's Quick Tip

What was your intention when you got out of bed this morning?  What is your intention for the rest of the day?  For the next hour?

Take a few minutes and reflect.  Don't try to think it through - your thinking mind will just tie you up in knots.  Just reflect.

You could go for a stroll, close your eyes and take a few breaths, grab a coffee (but don't grab it quickly... do it mindfully!).

You won't get far if you don't know where you intend to go.

One more thing...

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If you're normal (that's a bad word as we know), the only intention that you have rattling around in your head as we speak is to make sure you make it safely back under the covers tonight.   Not much of a life purpose, is it?

Today's Quick Tip encourages you to deliberately and consciously become aware of your intentions for now and for the coming nows so that you can re-mind yourself.  Re-minding is part of the process of re-wiring and it is an enterprise in which we need to be consciously and deliberately invovled every day.

Today's Video is a salutory lesson in the power of intention.  But, think about it (or, should I say, reflect upon it!), this power works either way, anyway.  If you haven't taken the trouble to understand and be aware of your intentions, your intention, by default, automatically, will be not to die today... and that will be as good as it gets.  Anything better will be pure dumb luck.

Today's Video also provides us with a powerful insight into the unseen forces that shape our lives and, most importantly, the extent to which we can and must play our role in working with and even directing these unseen forces. 

This behind-the-scenes power is not some fanciful idea - it is the incredible interplay of energy that quantum physics so loves to explore in the abstract.  This power, however, is at play in the practicalities of our lives, in real-time, right now.

Let's get our heads in the game.


As you might have noticed, I'm in what Lisa calls "launch-mode" at present... The Psychology of Success Online Program is currently open for enrolment - it only happens a couple of times each year and I need to be thankful for that...

Because once you stick your head over teh parapet - into the world of online advertising - you get some very strange interaction.

I've been called a "bo***x"; a "thick Irish..." (can't bring myself to even type some of the letters of the word in question) and "fatty"! 

I've been asked "why should I listen to some old guy?" I've been told that "the only reason you can talk about success is that you're a white baby-boomer" and I've been told - and this is the full quote "give my my free stuff now".

And I've experienced two overwhelming feelings: gratitude for all the people who feel I'm doing something for them and amusement at all the other stuff!

Where would I be without Normal Crazy People?


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