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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 9 2020 No.634


If I asked you how you'd score yourself out of ten when it comes to your motivation, you'd probably ask me what I was asking you!   Motivated about work? Motivated about your fitness?  Motivated to lose weight?  But my question remains and the video explains...

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Today's Quick Tip

Ask yourself the question I've asked in today's video - give yourself marks out of ten.

It doesn't matter what the score is, what matters is that you become aware of where you stand.

Becoming aware of this is not the first step on the road to self-awareness.  It is self-awareness itself.

And that is the beginning not just of all wisdom but the first step on the road to create the life you really, really want.

Today's Normal Crazy People story alludes to the absolutely guaranteed sciencific fact that we all have our very own version of reality.  96% of people "experience" a pre-programmed version of reality.  The basics are programmed in their formative years and, after that, they'll behave in ways that make them feel better, often papering over the perceived cracks that they have learned as the "facts" of their own self-image.

We all know people who are into self-agrandissement - some of them are prancing around the world stage as we speak!  We all know people who paper over the perceived cracks by keeping their head down, ensuring that they make it from one day to the next, relatively unscathed.

All of these people, all of the 96%, are "living" on autopilot, automatically, pre-programmedly creating and recreating their version of reality on a daily basis.

The key message I've been trying to get across since 1996, through my free weekly "offerings" since 2008 (one of which you're now reading!) and my new weekly Facebook Lives is that we are the creators of our own reality and, more importantly, we can choose to actually be really and truly creative, rather than accepting our pre-programming as gospel.

You and I (everyone) can choose what reality we want to create.  We can sidestep our preprogramming and deliberately decide the kind upcoming "nows" we want to live and experience.  Modern psychology (in fact psychology over the last century, it's just that modern neuroscience can see it in real live action) is utterly consistent in stating on of the most fundamental facts of life... you create yours.

Lots of people get the concept, understand the science but aren't experiencing the results.  That's why I've deliberately gone out of my way to put together an all-new online free training program that delves into how to create the reality you want. 

It will be online - for a limited time only - from Tuesday January 21st and you'll need to sign up for it.  You'll need to set a couple of hours aside over the following couple of weeks.  I can assure you, those couple of hours will change your life... your life, your way.

It's a great time of year, the ski season - you witness so many variations of individual reality - some of which appear to be solely based on the size of one's bank balance!

We left one of our "kids" to Geneva airport last Sunday on his way back to Paris after the holidays.  As we came back out to our car, which was nestled between the ubiquitous blacked-out Mercedes limousine vans that ferry the rich and shameless from their Alpine chalets to the airport at this time of year, the van right next to us had it's rear door slid open, with two tracksuit clad individuals shouting at the chauffeur.

"I'm not sitting on that seat, clean it, clean it now" said the "gentleman" whilst his tracksuited  companion, dripping in jewellery sneered.  The chauffeur cleaned the leather seat.

"Still not clean enough... polish it!  I want to see my face in it" was the reaction.

You know when you get into your car and close the door, you feel as if you can't be heard beyond its confines?  Well, obviously, my observation of what was going on was said loudly enough to be heard the other side of the window!  Did they care?  I don't think so!



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