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Coaching Videos & Tips - November 21 2019 No.628


Reaction to last week's video led to today's... I'd almost forgotten the stupidest stumbling block (to your success and happiness) going!  Watch the video and ask yourself "Have I Been that Soldier?"!!!  And, while you're at it... don't forget that you can browse all the "back issues" in The Archive!


You'll find Tuesday's (Nov. 19) Facebook LIVE, Stress: Understand It & Stop It, on my Facebook Page... you can also register for next Tuesday's LIVE, Stress at Work: Practical Tactics - love to see you live online.


Today's Quick Tip

Don't put yourself under pressure (there are enough people around you who will try to do that for you) - give yourself plenty of time and space to do the important things that you need to do today.

If you think that there aren't enough hours in the day, drop something unimportant or something that you shouldn't be doing at all.  Forget about social media for the day; don't let an energy vampire waste your time whilst they complain or moan about their lot in life; don't catch up on the "news" (half of which is fake!); let those who want to gossip do it without involving you.

There are a million and one things that we do that we could do without doing.  Just try it for the most important day of your life which is... today!

Comparative thinking comes in all shapes and sizes.  We want bigger or better houses, cars or holidays because other people have them or because they'll make us feel better about ourselves.  All too often, we define our success according to the apparent trappings of success and, in the process, miss the point.  Success is intrinsic.

Comparative thinking works the other way around too - that's the starting point for today's video - we don't want to get ahead of ourselves for fear that our friends or neighbours would be upset or even horrified at the change or, more to the point, the relative difference... another version of comparative thinking.

Thinking is a curse.  The "resident" thoughts in your own head create a fog that doesn't just obscure reality, it obscures the reality you would like to create in your own life.  We waste inordinate amounts of time (some waste all their adult life) lost in these thoughts.

Other people don't care whether or not you succeed or fail.  Other people are only thinknig about themselves or, if we want to be entirely accurate about it, they only think about other people thinking about them.  When I say "other people" I mean normal crazy people - most of the adult population.  I don't include you because, for starters, you've bothered to take the time to read this.

You know the damage that thought does and you know how to ignore it.  You know that your thoughts create your world - they limit you or they enable you fly; the inhibit or destroy relationships or they bring them to a new level; they discourage or encourage. 

You also know that you would be better off not thinking at all - you would be better off doing, living, being.  When we free ourselves of our own thoughts, we liberate ourselves.  Not only does this enable us put one foot in front of the other on the journey of life and living, it raises the game of everyone around us too... we become a positive force.

Today's Quick Tip suggests that you give yourself ample time today to do what's important.  The most important thing you have to do today - at the start of the day - is ensure that you have done what it takes to set aside that thoughts that obscure your way forward.

Today I want to talk about The Ryvita Diet... with apologies to Ryvita!

I was taking advantage of a little Autumn sunshine yesterday afternoon to do a bit of pre-winter tidying in the garden... got talking to our neighbour who was puffing and panting as he cleared up some leaves.

"I'm exhausted just doing something this simple" he said "I've been trying to lose weight but I'm actually putting it on".  His Doctor had suggested that he eat a low-calorie bread like Ryvita.

"I"m having three slices of it at breakfast, a couple at lunchtme and a few more in the evening" he explained.  I suggested to him that the local boulangerie must be going out of business because I always see him arriving each morning with three or four baguettes. He looked at me blankly... "How do you mean?" he asked.

You know where this is going, don't you?  He's been eating, on average, seven or eight slices of Ryvita a day... in addition to his usual haul of baguettes.

PS - and he wasn't at all pleased at my suggestion that maybe the Doctor had meant "instead"... I was only trying to help!




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