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Coaching Videos & Tips - November 7 2019 No.626


We are surrounded by normal crazy people.  This is not a joke - it is a scientific fact.  Against such overwhelming odds we can become, well... overwhelmed!  However, you are nor alone, nor do you need to be...

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Today's Quick Tip

Find yourself a mindfulness buddy (unless, of course, you're already in "parntership" with someone).  Today's video explains the power of more than one and, like everything else in life, if you have someone to lean on and who, in their turn, can lean on you, it makes everything so much easier.

The old expression goes that a problem shared is a problem halved.  But there's no problem here, only opportunity.  And it's an opportunity worth grasping as soon and as quickly as possible... because the clock is ticking.

And here's an idea: you might find a like-minded buddy on my Facebook Business Page - where plenty of fellow travellers are hanging out.  Have a look here... 

Imagine you walk into a meeting.   There are five people in the room when you get there.  That's 350,000 useless thoughts.   If you've ensured, before you went into the room, that your head is clear and focused, then you may well be able to get what you want out of that meeting.  If you haven't even put in that little bit of what I would regard as mandatory preparation, then you're on a slippery slope from the word go.  And it's not the fault of the five crazy people in the room!

We are surrounded by normal craziness.  It's one of the very first things my clients notice when they start developing their awareness.  "The madness on the road this morning"; "The shouting and screaming in the supermarket"; "The office tantrums"... I could go on.  (By the way, the "office tantrums" referred to the person's boss!).  Simply step outside your front door (you may not have to!) and the madness of it all is laid bare before your very eyes.

All this does not mean that, once we put our face outside the front door, we're on a hiding to nothing!  It doesn't mean we're always going to be fighting an uphill battle.  But too many people that I know succumb to the welcoming embrace of normal madness and get swept away by it for a while, only to call a halt when the wheels start really coming off again.  In the meantime, they've lost precious time (hence my "clock is ticking" comment in today's Quick Tip).  And time is something of which we only have an unknowable finite amount.

In other words, this is urgent.  You need to ensure that you're suitably armed against the crazies, on the one hand and, on the other, hang out with as many like-minded people as possible.  The price for not taking these two steps is immense - you're paying for your failure to act with your life, one minute at a time.

The prize for taking these two steps is even more immense.  The prize is a life lived to the full, one minute at a time, starting now.


As you know - because you're reading this - I email lots of what I think is good stuff to all kinds of people with whom I'm either connected (say, for example, on LinkedIn) or individuals who have signed up to receive something from me.  Doesn't stop my connections of signups being normal crazy though!

A first connection on LinkedIn -  with whom I had previously had a number of conversations, replied to my message offering them a free download with a message headed "MAJOR GDPR BREACH"... which, for starters, shows a complete and utter misunderstanding of the legislation - the D stands for data and the P for protection... I didn't have their data, we were connected on LinkedIn!

Another, with a similar track record on ongoing communication told me "I cannot afford this course" - even though "FREE" was in block capitals.

And, recently, GDPR was screamed at me again by someone who had signed up for The Mind Boggles and who had been watching the videos for the last eight months!


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