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Coaching Videos & Tips - October 31 2019 No.625


Like most things in life when you're searching for an answer, the answer to this particular conundrum is to be found inside. This video continues a thread that strecthes back over the last three weeks...

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Today's Quick Tip

Read this morning's Normal Crazy People story - right to the end... and select a time when you might push the Off button.

Pushing that Off button gives us the utter freedom to spend some time testing out what it feels like when we've fully pushed our own On button.

You need to turn yourself on.  Otherwise you're dead to the world at the reality of the moment... to understand fully what I mean, it would be no harm to read this morning's Reflection too.

Two tips for the price of one!!!

We are designed to expect the worst.  This should come as no surprise to you at all when you remember that we're designed for survival, not happiness and the modern success that goes with achieving goals and objectives that stretch beyond simple survival.

What if our Autopilot's default settings were set to expect the best?  We'd be all excited about seeing tonight's dinner emerge from the rustling bushes... only to discover, totally off-guard, that we're tonight's dinner!  When you think about it, it makes absolute sense to expect the worst.

But think again.  Think of all the 21st century downsides.  Consider how, right from the word go, we erect our own barriers to achieving anything we want to achieve.  If you've ever wondered why you get in your own way, why you self-sabotage, where those self-limiting beliefs come from... look no further. 

Of course, my self-limiting beliefs are unique to me - they're not your's!  That's because, armed with highly-evolved  settings that ensure that I'm always ready to expect the worst, I took psychological snapshots of how it felt when my expectations of the worst came to pass! 

All this boils down to one key understanding that we all need to have... faced with a choice (one that's normally automated) you and I will always select a negative snapshot to enable me make it through the day.

Now, I've used the word "normally".  No doubt, you know where I'm going with this.  To achieve anything in life (including financial freedom) you must use your mind abnormally.  Freedom of every shade and type comes, first and foremost, from the subconscious freedom we all achieve when we free our minds from our own automated self-limiting snapshots.

You don't need to know what the snapshots are or were when you took them.  You don't need to know what you're trying to solve because the problem doesn't exist, it's no more than a figment of your own imagination.   All you need to do is free your mind.

And it takes no more than five or six minutes each morning to do that. 


I was working away on giving my website something of a facelift on Monday when our internet service vanished in a puff of smoke.  Initially, I thought it was a repeat performance of what happened a fortnight ago when our router actually did almost go up in flames!

But it was more than that - the 4G on my 'phone wasn't working either and, within a couple of minutes, a text informed us of a "major incident".  Five minutes later, we had no mobile 'phone signal either... we were cut off from the outside world.

Four hours of quiet bliss ensued.  The last time we had felt like this was when we moved house eight years ago and spent six weeks in a rented house that had no internet!

Late in the evening, as things started returning to (that dreadful word) normal, our son in Paris texted to say that he'd been cut off from the outside world for most of the day too... how great it was to not get "a million notifications every hour"!

We both agreed that there is something seriously wrong with us.  We could experience this freedom anytime by simply pushing of Off button.

Now who's normal crazy?


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