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Coaching Videos & Tips - October 24 2019 No.624


When you're mind is clear, when you are living your day in flow... money flows too.  Today's video tells of a couple of real-life examples of how this works in practice.

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Today's Quick Tip

Distraction is all around us - you must remember that normal crazy people are hell-bent on distracting you.  And, even if they don't get away with it, your own noisy mind will rise to the occasion! 

Don't let distraction, even during your mental exercising, get to you.  Stop, breathe, let the distraction pass - it always does. 

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A couple of years back, a client and I spent a couple of days together here in the Alps.  On our second day, he asked if we might sit together and meditate for an hour... he'd never managed to still his mind for that long, he told me.  After just a couple of seconds sitting together, much to his surprise, I stopped the exercise.  "What are you doing?" he asked.  I explained that, as a grown-up, he had chosen to still his mind for sixty minutes but, after only a few seconds, he had started scratching his nose.  "But it was itchy and it was annoyign me" he explained.

"If you learn not to scratch the itch whilst you're exercising, you'll develop your ability to scratch the itch of ordinary everyday distraction" I explained "Normal crazy people are just itching for you to get involved in their dramas".  About a year later, I met my friend in Dublin for a drink.  He explained to me how one of his daughter's teachers had singled her out... she'd been too ill for morning swim practice so the teacher refused to let her join her classmates in a trip to the theatre that afternoon... and she then summoned her father, my friend, to explain "how our world works". 

"A year ag, I would have gone in all guns blazing and we would have had a massive fight" he said "and it would have been just what she wanted.  But I simply explained to her that, as far as my duaghter was concerned, there are simply some people you encounter in life that you need to let pass... because everything in life passes.  She didn't get her fight and I didn't scratch her itch!" he concluded.

Everything in life arises and passes - the good, the bad and the ugly.  We cannot allow ourselves to be dragged down every rabbit hole by the next passing normal crazy person... life is too short and there's so much of it to be lived to the full in the here and now.

You'll remember from last week, that we'd just ordered a bottle of wine and our friend at the next table had told her companion (I reckon he was her husband) that he couldn't afford wine - he ordered a shandy and she ordered water. 

Now, before I go any further, you need to know: we had dressed up for our evening (it was my birthday) - Lisa was wearing trousers, a shirt and a jacket. You also should know that we know how to handle a knife and fork!  OK, back to what happened next.

"Look at her" our friend at the next table said "silly stupid smiley teeth, dressed up like a putain, sipping her expensive wine like a lady... and her table manners are disgusting." (go Google putain.)

Their meal arrived.  She ate it loudly with a spoon and drank her husbands shandy - he was relegated to the water.  And when the shandy was gone, she ordered him to pour her a glass of water: "Focus you stupid, stupid man, you're pouring the water into the glass of ice cubes... pay attention!" 


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