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Coaching Videos & Tips - September 19 2019 No.621


A lot of my clients talk about the utter liberation of "getting out of my own way" - they are expressing a neural fact of life about how, when we take charge of our own state of mind, the brain's restructuing alters how or even what we think.   It's time to get out of your own way.

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As you may well know, I spent last week in Dublin.  I was there to meet two groups of "old clients" (with apologies for the "old" - you know what I mean), people who have been putting one foot in front of the other on the journey of awareness, self-awareness, flow, agility and clarity of mind... people who know the difference between the ordinary and extra-ordinary - each in their own inimitable way.

During the same week last year, we had talked about "quantum leaps" in life - we've all experienced them if you think about it.  This year's conversation had moved on because, it transpires that, in putting one foot in front of the other on this great journey, we take quantum leaps effortlessly.   It was beautifully put by a couple of group members... the quantum leap is intrinsic as distinct from extrinsic.

What's the difference?  Well, at an obvious level, when I start working with people first, their ordinary-mindedness encourages them to think of life-change in a more obviously measurable way... dare I use the word "materialistic".  As the mind makes the inevtiable quantum leap (it is as inevitable as night following day as a result of regular mental training) one suddenly finds oneself in a totally different place - the best way I can describe this as the ultimate virgin territory.

A number of people that I met last week talked about simply being in flow much of the time, most of the time or nearly all of the time.  When you make that quantum leap everything - quite literally everything - changes.  You can take the most challenging of situations in your stride, the niggling noisy normal mind is tuned out and you are tuned in to the opportunity presented by each moment.  It is, in short, a different way of being.

And what's most important for all of us on the the journey is that this quantum leap is, as I've already said, inevitable... what you put in by way of mental exercise, you will get out in spades.

A couple of years back, I was obliged to visit our local nurses' bureau daily - got to know a number of people who were in the same boat.  One guy would come in, with his wife, everyday to have his leg dressed but, after about ten days, in addition to his original ailment, he arrived with his arm in a sling and some bruising around his face.

"We had a family get together on Sunday" he said "and I have anger management issues and I really, really, really don't like my brother-in-law"... you can guess the rest.  I began to understand why everyone else in the nurses' waiting room would avoid even making eye-contact when he arrived!

That was three years ago.  Last Saturday, as we walked over the to weekly market, Lisa told me to "look the other way, quickly".   Along game our friend, with his wife who was helping him walk with... a crutch in his right hand, his left arm outstretched in a cast and his neck in a brace.  We couldn't even begin to guess what had happened and we certainly didn't want to know. 


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