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Coaching Videos & Tips - August 15 2019 No.616


As someone said to me recently "I'm feelng blue!" - our lives are always coloured by what is going on in our heads - if you've been watching our recent videos, you probably already appreciate this. But, it's actually much worse than that... today's video explains the horrible truth.


Today's Quick Tip

What colour is your life today? Stop what you're doing now and ask yourself this question. Is the answer a fair reflection of the reality of today or have today's events and encounters thus far been tainted by your own thoughts?

The point is, you can always - every moment of every day - choose to let the repetitive thoughts in your head do what they should always be let do... they wandered into your head, let them wander onward on their journey - out again!

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Are we hostages to fortune or are we in control of our own destiny? The answer to this complex question (complex because there are so many possible answers between those two extremes) is... it depends! But this is not a non-answer because the full answer is: it depends on you. And you alone.

All kinds on nonsense may be going on around you. If you live in the normal world (like we all do!), all kinds of nonsense definitely is swirling around you. You can let it pick you up in its swirl and suck you into its vortex or you can let the storm that's blowing around you pass. It is your choise. And your's alone.

You may be striving to achieve a dearly-longed-for goal but, instead, feel like you're simply banging your head against a brick wall. "Longing for something" attaches you to the notion that you've got to struggle to achieve it - and, so, you do. There is a different approach that you can take. And only you can take it. And, as an important aside, the funny thing is that, when you stop banging your head against a stone wall - the pain stops! Only you can stop it.

You may well feel that you're not in control of your life. And you'd be right, none of us is... terrible things can befall the most focused of people out of the blue - it's the nature of life. But there is one thing over which you can have total control - and that is your own state of mind. Only you can control it.

And, when you do control your state of mind, you move so far away from the negative end of the spectrum suggested by my initial question (are we hostages to fortune) because, armed with a focused, present, alert and clear mind, you can exert enormous influence on your life, its trajectory and the effortless achievement of your goals and objectives. This is not some sort of motivational statement - it's a statement of scientific fact.

Now, as I mention in today's video, I'm putting together an all-new free video training series that I will launch in late September. In advance of that, I wan to ask you a question (you can share your views in the Comments Section below)... in what circumstances do you feel you would most like to be in charge of your own state of mind?

"I hate my life!"; "Nobody loves me... nobody even likes me!" - the kind of statements you hear from people whose lives are coloured a serious shade of grey - or, perhaps, as someone said to me recently "I'm feeling blue!'

It's amazing how, in the depths of our own minds, we see the world in such stark terms. And the terrible thing is that that stark view colours absolutely everything - to the point where we cannot even see the tunnel, never mind the light at the end of it!

"Of course somone loves you" and "There are things about your life that you simply do not hate" - when you say these things to those who only see the darkness, when you ask them to reflect on things, they begin to see the light.

As normal crazy people we can be so negatively one-dimensional. But, when we look beneath that cold exterior, we discover that there is so much more to us than meets the eye.


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