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Coaching Videos & Tips - August 8 2019 No.615


Yes... we are experts at pouring our energy into what we don't want to happen - it actually comes naturally! Not only does this send our minds in the wrong direction, in doing so it disables us from pouring our energy into moving our lives in the right direction!


Today's Quick Tip

How much joy is there in your life today? Yes, that is actually a question that a client asked his team at work... they are, quite possibly, still looking at him! But the question isn't just valid - it's one of the most important questions you could ever ask yourself.

So, ask and answer it now - because, even when we're having the proverbial "bad day", there's always joy hidden between the clouds. For starters, there's the joy of being alive so that we can have and make it through that bad day!

And, if you'd like to go a little deeper, don't forget that you can browse all 614 "back issues" in The Archive!

"Don't be stupid... you only ever see that word on Christmas cards!" - that's a not uncommon response to a question I regularly ask people - where's the joy in your life?

As you will gather from our recent videos, I'm exploring various states of mind - we're always in a state, always in a mood. And that state or mood colours absolutely everything, all too often obscuring the things that give us joy... the joy of coming home in the evening, the joy of doing something we enjoy, the joy of being alive, of taking this breath in this moment. And, if these moments of joy are just bright moments in an otherwise apparently dark day, remember, we live our lives in moments - because, one moment to the next, moments are all we have.

And the next moment will be coloured by this moment, which is coloured by the mood you're in now. It all boils down to the fog through which you're seeing and experiencing this now. That fog is normally thick, sometimes toxic, always obscuring... and it's only in moments of joy that the fog clears.

But, of course, you and I know that that's not true. We know how to develop our ability to experience the moment - as a deliberate choice on our part. You and I know the truth: There is No Fog!

In a world where so many people are not just content to stumble through life blided by their own fog, where so many people would like to drag you into their world of mist and disenchantment, we need to stand up and take responsibility for the one and only thing over which we have absolute, complete and immediate control... our own state of mind.

Changing your mind changes everything.

Taking a walk on the bright side today... we're in full summer mode here - all the houses around us, ourselves included, are packed with visitors and holiday makers - lots of children laughing, playing, enjoying the long sultry evenings - lots of sounds of eating on balconies and terraces, people enjoying the moment, people experiencing the joy of time moving at a perceptibly different speed.

And then a neighbour, refering to our annual residents' get-together which take place the second weekend in September, asks: "You coming to the Fete this year? It's only a couple of weeks away really and all this bloody noise will be gone and we'll be back to normal!" Normal, eh!!!

Just like my grandmother used to say when the annual Dublin Horse Show came around first week of August "The Horse Show's on, sure it's almost time for you to go back to school!"


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