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Coaching Videos & Tips - June 27 2019 No.609


The short answer to the above question... it's in your head! Today's video explores our aversion to change, even if we really, really want it! And, of course, it also explains what you need to get over this debilitating mental state.

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Today's Quick Tip

Stop. Stop a couple of times today. Stop your looped repetitive preprogrammed patterned thought. Stop it by coming to your senses. You have five of them: you could smell the roses; rub your hands together and really feel them; fully experience a couple of big deep breaths; listen to the birds singing; taste the food in your mouth.

Everyday life presents us with so many opportunities to be present that we normally miss them, caught in thought thinking "Ah sure that's just everyday life". But this everyday life is your life.

I often talk with clients about their "Big Why" - you might call it your "mission" but this suggests that we all need to know and understand our so-called "life's purpose" and, in truth, it is hard to believe that anybody understands exactly what that might be because this is something that is in a constant state of evolution, particularly as we become more aware and self-aware.

But do you know what you're trying to achieve, for example, this year? Let me put it another way, a way that your all-important subconscious is more likely to understand: do you know what you would love to experience this year? And, in case you're wondering, I've picked the "year" time horizon because it facilitates exploring grander ideas than, for example, there are two things I want to get done this week. That said, as you now already know from our recent videos, time horizons are meaningless to that all-important subconscious of yours.

But this does bring me to the key point I want to make today. At the bottom of today's Normal Crazy People story, I've asked a pointed question. Leading seats of learning around the world continually conclude - and have been doing so for years - that the vast majority of people don't know why they got out of bed this morning. Indeed, Harvard research strongly suggests that the vast majority of their graduates aren't sure why they went to Harvard! Other than, perhaps, having Harvard on your CV helps... but helps achieve or experience what?

If you don't have a "purpose" today, you're simply encouraging your lazy automated mind to meander and muddle through the day and to confirm to you that ordinary everyday life is just that... ordinary and everyday - mundane, banal, unexciting.

And if you're not excited about living your own life, where's the motivation in leaping out of bed to live it properly and to the full?

A few big "Whys" this week...

Why are some of the world's most eco-friendly lightbulbs, from one of the largest producers boasting the most eco-friendly credentials, encased in two separate layers of single-use plastic? While I'm at it, why do package designers assume you have heavy cutting equipment at hand to open the packaging?

Why do airlines never tell you the truth when your flight is delayed? You can fill in your own experiences for this one!

And why, in one of Dublin's leading airport hotels, is bedroom number 672 hidden between rooms 666 and 668? Yes, that's right! A good friend required the assistance of two separate members of staff who took five minutes to find the room in question!

And, finally, (this is important), why did you get out of bed today?


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