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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 4 2019 No.598


Yes, I've just two little words for you today. You're simply going to have to take a couple of minutes to watch the video... but the message couldn't be clearer!


Today's Quick Tip

Give yourself a little mental breathing space right now. The moment you finish reading this couple of sentences, get up, walk around, feel your feet on the floor, notice how your weight redistributes itself when you put one foot in front of the other... pay attention to your body - it's as close to absolute reality as you'll ever get and it's providing you with feedback all the time.

And don't foregt

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Should we always read the label? Because, whilst we can with increasing certainty know what is, for example, inside a packet or jar of food as a result of having read the label, the same does not apply to you or I.

We label others all the time and we do it automatically. We have a highly defined psychological capacity to label people within four seconds of first encountering them. It's a facility known as "categorization" but what it's called is actually irrelevant.... we do it automatically and it means we never meet anyone new... evolution has seen to it that we live by labels because it makes our daily lives predictable - all part of the evolution's outdated conspiracy to enable us just about make it through the day.

But, when we live by labels, we cannot know what is inside. And most importantly, this refers to ourselves. We were labelled when we were young and impressionable and, day in day out, we never look beyond the label... to indulge in such apparent navel gazing would only facilitate the sabre-toothed tiger catch us off our guard!

You'll never know who you are until you look inside. You'll never discover the extent of your potential until you become aware... and awareness only comes when self-awareness comes first. You'll never live your life properly and you'll never be free from the rubbish in your own head until you dip into what's inside and experience it.

Otherwise, you might as well claim to have enjoyed a beautiful tasty meal having never gone beyond ready the label.

What's in a name? Our local post-mistress's surname is Madame Bellelettre (translation... beautiful letter); a local secondhand car dealer is called Monsieur Bastard (it's actually a not uncommon name in France) and the most ineffective school principal I ever met was Monsieur Rimbaut (pronounced Rambo!)

A good friend told me many years ago that he hated his forname - Victor - because it made him sound important when in fact (or in his own mind) he wasn't important to anyone at all! And one our neighbours (who confided in me that he lives in mortal fear of his wife) told me that he loves his name - Robert - because it makes him feel manly!!

Funny how we feel about ourselves and our "label" (see opposite)... surely we need to move beyond all that... into, as I explain opposite, the interior - it's the biggest adventure upon which we could ever embark.


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