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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 27 2019 No.594


Yes, still on about balls, snowballs to be precise! Picking up on last week's video to make a particular and, I think, really important point...


Today's Quick Tip

You've a choice to make now and a choice to make now (this is now a different now from the first one... and so is this!) Our life is rolling forward one now at a time and the choice you make now determines the outcome of life's self-fulfilling prophecies. So choose to be calm, focused and centred now. And, if you don't find yourself in that calm state when you check-in, well, now's the time to change that. Now.

We're Heading for #600

Not far off Issue No. 600! Isn't it exciting!!!! Now, don't forget, all my weekly videos, tips and articles are available in The Archive - you'll find all kinds of everything!!

Reflections on Mindfulness

I almost casually through in a reference to self-fulfilling prophecies in this morning's Quick Tip. And, no doubt, you might be thinking that this is far too casual a way to talk about life. And it is, but, normally, we're not talking about life... for the normal mind everyday "life" is simply an exercise in survival. And, to survive from one day to the next, we have to operate on self-fulfilling prophecies.

Alright, we could call them conditioning or programming, formative learning or stored knowledge but they all have the same outcome... the entirely predictable! - because with patterned behaviours and expectations, we always get the same results, results that, in actual fact, amount to nothing more than self-fulfilling prophecies.

We've known for almost ninety years that we perceive and achieve according to our expectations (our prophecies!) - expectations of ourselves, our capabilities, our self-limiting beliefs. In the last twenty years neuroscience has provided us with a constant stream of information about how this works in practice, in mechanical terms, in the piece of equipment between our ears.

The facts are, on the one hand, horrible... we exist from one day to the next, largely dead to the world from the neck up. On the other hand, though, these facts a liberating and the liberation they offer us is compelling. If we change our expectations (our prophecies) everything else changes. Isn't that what we've been talking about in all those goal-setting (perfect moment) videos!

Coaching Video Series

I've been celebrating what LinkedIn would call my "work anniversary"... but that presupposes that I regard what I do as work. I find it to be something else entirely - perhaps a way of life. Yes, 23 years of what you might call the "coaching lifestyle"!

And, as coincidence would have it, this anniversary coincides with the release of a brand new intensive video series for coaches - just for coaches - on how to do what I do... teach Purposeful Focus.

You can get more details of this new Free Video Series for Coaches - it starts tomorrow (Thurs.Feb.28) by clicking here...


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