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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 20 2019 No.593


Yes, it's all a load of balls... snowballs! And the sooner you free up your mind to enable it experience the snowball effect, the better!


Today's Quick Tip

Give yourself the gift of 15 full minutes today to get out, breath some (relatively) fresh air, take in the scenery, the moment, the smells, tastes and sounds. Live a little!


We're getting ever closer to Issue No. 600! Wow, the excitement is palpable!!! In the meantime, don't forget, all my weekly videos, tips and articles - all the way back to Dec.2008 are available in The Archive - you'll find all kinds of everything!!

Reflections on Mindfulness

Today's Normal Crazy People stories (three for the price of one!) provide an interesting perspective into how uninteresting we often find ourselves... to the point that we have to make things up to feel better about ourselves... that's always the ulterior motive, regardless of diverse the circumstances and lies might be! The normal person is never happy in his or her own skin.

The truth of the matter is that we, all too often, actaully believe our own lies and, in doing so, move ourselves that bit further away from the reality of the moment and all it has to offer. Because, for example, if I consider that, through embellishing a story or, more pointedly, my story, I alter the way I see myself and alter my behaviour, which, in turn, alters my interactions and my life.

The truth is, of course, that we're not talking about real alterations at all, we're talking about minor tweaks to whatever got us into these ever-decreasing circles in the first place, when we were young, innocent and knew no better. And, of course, that early phase of our development is the source of all these perceived inadequacies that give rise to the perceived need to embellish ourselves and our lives to make us and them seem more interesting.

If, on the other hand, we want to talk about real alterations - no, not alterations, let's go the whole hog and talk transformation - then we have to open our minds rather than continually closing them, one lie at a time. This transformation requires nothing other than our daily and diligently opening our minds, one breath, one sound, one feeling, one now at a time - through formal meditation and intermittent "mini" meditation. In doing so, we set the snowball rolling!

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

We're all very good liars. Sometimes they're just little white lies: like the guy who fabricated a complete scenario about someone eating all his French Fries because it made a non-story, a story that everyone could laugh at... made him the life and soul of the party until, of course, someone mentioned it to the person who was supposed to have eaten all his chips... nobody was laughing then!

Or the girl who tells prospective boyfriends that she was married and divorced and doesn't want to talk about it - "It's too painful". Only she was never married...

Finally, for now... someone I've mentioned years ago - who subsequently had to sell her chalet on the ski slopes. She keeps posting pictures on Facebook of random strangers skiing in Megeve, commenting that it's her two sons in the pics - who are in her chalet for their winter break!


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