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Coaching Videos & Tips - February 13 2019 No.592


As you might be beginning to realize, we could spend the rest of our lives talking about, well, the rest of our lives! Today, I'm still talking about handwriting - but, today, I'm answering some of your questions and offering you a couple of clarifications.


As we meander towards the milestone of Issue No. 600, it is worth remembering that all my weekly videos, tips and articles - all the way back to Dec.2008 are available in The Archive - you'll find all kinds of everything!!


Today's Quick Tip

As you can see from today's Normal Crazy People story, we're all prone to a little mindless behaviour... some, of course, are prone to a lot, whilst a few people that I know appear to make it their life's work! But, I digress...

Today's tip is a timely reminder (by timely, I mean, do it now) to stop, check that you're doing the right thing, check yourself to see how you're feeling, make sure that you're head is in the right place (which, of course, is the here and now!) and, then, get on with doing what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

Reflections on Mindfulness

We've talked a lot, in recent videos in particular, about goals: understanding what your goals are or, perhaps more importantly, what your goals could be and, then, handwriting the experience of having arrived at that particular "destination". Now, just before someone pulls me up on the "destination" word, I'm not using it in the sense that it is the end of the line! As we evolve, as we reach each destination, the journey is evaluated, re-evaluated and re-charted.

But, for now, I want to come back to the phrase "what your goals could be" - because, all too often, people think about their goals in "normal crazy" terms. And, by that I mean, we use our normal thinking mind to inform us of what we would like to achieve and, in doing so, immediately, limit ourselves. Now, you might say that you don't have any limiting beliefs - you might be a liar, but let's assume you actually believe that for the sake of argument! The fact that you're using your thinking brain is the limiting factor - over and above whatever beliefs we might hold about ourselves.

Our brains are designed to operate on autopilot. If you don't undersntand that, where have you been for the last ten years (that I've been rabbitting on about it!)? Our brains are designed for survival, no more, no less. And that means that our brains are designed to ensure that we stay within our comfort zone or our box - either, or both, being entirely conceptual.

In evolutionary times, going outside your comfort zone got you killed... curtains! That's why, even when we do allow our minds run a little riot and imagine big, grand, exciting goals, we always fall short of taking the actions that take us outside our comfort zone.

Luckily, modern neuroscience has established that handwriting what you want as if you're already experiencing it, disables our evolutionary handbrake. If you'd like to now more about this, let me know... the more questions I get asked, the more videos I'll make (with the camera properly focused!).

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Spent all Monday afternoon recording for a brand-new intensive video series, specifically for coaches, on teaching and coaching Purposeful Focus... with the emphasis on the word "Focus"... here we are all set for "lights, camera, action!"

It took me almost 2hrs to record a 20min video but, when I loaded all the video up, I couldn't use a single frame of it...

The camera wasn't focused!


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