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Coaching Videos & Tips - January 30 2019 No.590


Changing the pace with today's video... because it's one thing to know where you're headed but, like any journey, every mile (or kilometre depending on where you're going!) must be covered in the here and now.


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Today's Quick Tip

Let's stick with the simple message of today's video...

At least once today - or preferably three or four times - stop yourself to push the reset button. You could do it by looking around you with fresh eyes or by closing those fresh eyes and taking a couple of nice, long, slow, deep breaths and really feeling the air from the tips of your nostrils to the depths of your chest and stomach.

Or you could get up and walk around, noticing and feeling all the many complex muscle movements that enable you put one foot in front of the other.

In any now that you choose to pause there are many opportunities to come to your senses.

Reflections on Mindfulness

I'm often asked whether I offer training in the area of Time Management. And I always answer that, when you're in the zone - or in Flow as the University of Chicago would call it - those little details of everyday life simply look after themselves. Managing your mind manages your time. For this reason, I would like to alert you to the potential downsides of a number of Time Management or Focus Planning concepts or products that I've come across over the last couple of months.

There appears to be a conventional wisdom (an oxymoron of course!) that one needs to have detailed plans, that everything you do needs to be dismembered into its individual parts, that the proverbial elephant can only be eaten one morcel at a time. Even of greater concern, is the idea that you should "ritualize" your day to ensure that you "automate yourself" as much as possible. These concepts are diametrically contradictory to how the brain's key components - effectively the neural correlates of the subconscious mind - are designed to best function.

To be clear, I'm refering to the Central Executive which coordinates the functions of the insula and the amygdala. When these key components are acting in harmony, we are agile, spontaneous and fully alert to the opportunities and potential pitfalls before our very eyes in the here and now. We are naturally fleet-of-foot to do just the necessary and only the necessary, to the very best of our ability, effortlessly to move us in the direction of where we would dearly love to go.

Our challenge, as humans beings, is to shake ourselves free of the constraints of the automated existence that evolution has "enabled" us "experience" on an everyday basis. Only then can we do our best. Only then can we notice, embrace and grasp opportunity. Only then can we create opportunity ourselves... opportunity to live life to the full rather than automatically make it through the day.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

I'm constantly suggesting to people in business that, when it comes to their marketing message, they need to keep it clear and simple... yes, what starts out as a conversation on focus often delves into other areas.

When I worked in banking a quarter of a century ago, we knew it would take 18 months of constant advertising to even register in our target market's mind. And recent research has shown that average adult attention span has dropped from 12secs in 2008 to 8secs in 2018 - you can probably guess why!

That's why I tell my clients to keep their marketing message clear, simple and, in one line, completely understandable. And, then, I stumble across a coach's website that says she specializes in:

Leadership Development; Public Speaking Skills; Negotiation Skills; How to Handle Difficult People; Time Management; How to Improve Your Ranking on Trip Advisor...

Yes, the list went on and on but the real show-stopper was Trip Advisor!


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