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Coaching Videos & Tips - November 28 No. 582


Yes, some people just put their toe in the water and then wonder how their hair is still dry! Your return on anything is, for starters at the very least, dependent on your investment... and we're actually talking about an off-the-scale ROI here!


Hard to believe that we're speeding towards the year end... where has the year gone? Each Tuesday between next Tuesday and January 2nd 2019, our videos will focus on The Four Key Things That You Can Do To Make 2019 Great - with apolies for the "make great" bit at the end... but I mean it! Just wanted to alert you!!

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Today's Quick Tip

Stop. Review the last hour or two, the morning or the day so far. How would you rate your investment?

Your investment of you in each here and now. Your investment of your energies in the furtherance of your goals. Your waste - waste of time and energy on distractions, the meaningless or, worse, the negative. Your willingness to allow the so-called Energy Vampires mess with your head... the extent to which you've allowed others drag you in to their little dramas.

Our investment of ourselves in the here and now should be scrutinized - not with a view to beating ourselves us (an utter waste of time and energy) but with a view to galvanizing oursevles into proper action... which is a million miles removed from inaction, reaction of automated "action".

Reflections on Mindfulness

Today's video explores the extent to which we're not very good at persisting and persevering... something that the University of Madrid's Business School has studied in depth over the years. They've found that really successful business people have tried and tried again or, as some well-known business person (whose name escapes me) once put it, really successful business people are too stupid to know when to give up!

The problem we have, as human beings, is that we like to see results - and we like to see them now! And, with modern technology and consumerism, this desire for immediate satisfaction - or "feedback" as the University of Chicago puts it, is only getting worse.

I think that's why so many people take up exercise and put it down again - the results can be very much of the slow-burn variety! You don't go to a gym twice and suddenly discover yourself to be super-fit... that's why the average number of visits by new members to a gym is, believe it or not, two! Same with mental exercise (even a standard Mindfulness-Based Stress Reducation Program takes eight weeks) - the results aren't immediately obvious.

But, if you want to change your life in any way, it is your perspective and the resultant behaviours that you have to change (nothing will ever change otherwise) - so you need to do more than simply, as today's video puts it, put your toe in the water!

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

I've been getting bombarded with texts by a local business that sells TVs, sounds systems and home cinemas... telling me now's the time to purchase just the equipment that I need to make my Christmas great. Obviously, they're in major marketing mode coming up to the festive season - pity their sales people and marketing people don't talk...

This is the same business that charged me €60 to see if they could fix my TV about a year ago - told me they couldn't but that the €60 could be deducted against a new TV... only to discover that, when I did try to buy a new TV from them they explained that - like "the rest of you English" - I obviously misunderstood!


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