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Coaching Videos & Tips - August 17 2018 No. 570


Crack this and everything else will fall into place... you'll have to watch today's video to find out more!


Mindfulness Tip

When you slip up, stop... don't go with it. When you find yourself reacting, stop... the focused mind acts, never reacts. When you find yourself thinking a useless thought, stop... one useless thoughts leads down a dark alley - and your thoughts will mug you.

The trick is to stop yourself slipping before the slip gains momentum. Research tells us that it only takes a matter of seconds for our thoughts to run away with us.

So stop. Take a few deep breaths. Count them. Press the reset button.

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Reflections on Mindfulness

I've had a number of comments on my post regarding the extent to which the world needs you to turn up to your life. By the same token, as mentioned in today's video, I've had a number of discussions over the last week with people who are stressed, annoyed, frustrated, agitated... you name it, I've heard most of it over the last week.

Here's a little test that you can take right now. Ask yourself how you're feeling - either now or so far today. If you're any of the above (the list is far from exhaustive... anxious, worried, afraid, timid, shy, awkward, on edge, sad, depressed) you have not turned up to your own life here and now. In fact, you have chosen to distance yourself from the here and now. None of the circumstances, events or people that has apparently contrived to make you feel this way is responsible. You are. You are because you are not looking after your own state of mind. You are because you are allowing what you think about what's going on create an artificial feeling about what you think is going on.

Presence is a state of mind apart from the normal noise of thought in our own heads. Presence enables us realize (the first part of the word is "real") what is going on. Presence enables us handle it or, perhaps, even thrive in the process. Presence is the only thing you need to live your life to the full. And presence will enable you enable others live their lives all the better too.

So, if, when you ask yourself the above question, you find yourself in an unrealistic state of mind (other than really present), stop. Stop it now - because now is all you have.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

We had a beautiful lunch on the ski slopes (well mountain pastures at this time of year) on Wednesday. As we arrived at the restaurant, an elderly couple were just being seated at their table. And, as we finished our dessert course, they were still waiting quietly and patiently for any food to arrive at their table at all.

Eventually, the gentleman asked a passing waitress if there was "any news" of their food - the reply was that it appeared that they had been totally forgotten about... no apology, just a statement of fact!

About an ninety later, having gone for a stroll, we found ourselves passing the restaurant's terrace - the couple were paying their bill. When asked if everything was OK, the gentlemen replied "Oh indeed!".

Who is worse, the couple for not complaining or the restaurant for forgetting about them?


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