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Coaching Videos & Tips - August 2 2018 No. 568


I know, it's a silly title for a video! The two words don't go together - or, perhaps, they do... because everything is joined up in some way... time to watch and find out more!


Mindfulness Tip

Look around you - your world is full of beauty and you need to be aware of it... immerse yourself in it. Just as, many years ago, a client actually rang me with the news that birds were singing in his garden - I told him they'd been there all the time! - you need to immerse yourself in what is real.

When you do that, you understand what is going on before your very eyes - this places you at enormous advantage because, armed with real facts, you can act instead of how we habitually and normally (and crazily) react.

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Reflections on Mindfulness

For years, nearly sixty of them, I've read articles on forthcoming celestial extravaganzas but always sulked under the Irish clouds - and, make no mistake about it, the Alpine clouds are just as unobliging - as star-gazers in far flung parts of the world posted pictures of solar or lunar this, that or the other. And there I was again last Friday night, sitting on the bench looking up at Mont Blanc shrouded in thundery cloud.

At about five past ten the sky suddenly cleared and nothing could have prepared me for what we then witnessed for, about ten minutes later, this blood red moon started peeking out over the left shoulder of Mont Blanc. We live in (and I thought I'd never use this word) an awesome universe. How sad it is that most people don't live in it but merely exist, making it from one day to the next. We are an integral part of an awesome universe that, as quantum mechanics eloquently points out, would not exist without us - for you and I are composed of universal energy.

Now, I have not lost the plot. And, sometimes, when I hear people talking about the universe and energy, I will admit that I retreat into my safe place of psychology and neuroscience! But hard science tells us that we are, indeed, vibrating energy. And you and I need to let that energy vibrate and impact not just our own lives but everyone around us. As I said to a client last week, the world needs you... it needs us all to turn up to our lives, present in the here and now - not because we can change the world, but because we can change our world and the world of those whose lives we touch.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

It's always important to make the right impression in business (and, of course, in life)... but going out of your way to give the wrong impression seems to be something that actually comes naturally to some people. The following examples were noted whilst out walking early this morning:

A landscape gardener is advertising his prowess with a large sign displayed in front of a newly laid lawn that is nothing more than a carpet of rampant weeds... big ones and lots of them!

In front of a chalet under construction, the builder boasts about its craftsmanship in wooden home construction on a sign that is on a crooked wooden frame that is too big for it!

And, then, of course, you have London's Gatwick Express being handed down a court order to stop advertising "30 minutes to the centre of Londond" because that train never makes it in 30 minutes!!


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