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Coaching Videos & Tips - July 24 2018 No. 567


We are "blessed" with a wandering mind - the fact that it keeps wandering around in circles doesn't really help us an awful lot - but a blessing it may well be or, at the very least, a blessing in disguise... 2m:35s will provide you with not just a great idea but the perfect antidote to your wandering mind.


Mindfulness Tip

If you haven't done something today that you know you should have done - meditation might just be a case in point! - which is better, beating yourself up about it or stopping and restarting so that your mind is clear for now?

Clear for now is, of course, a loaded statement - because you can only be here now, you'd better turn up! And, with that in mind, today's Quick Tip (if you haven't done it already) is watch today's really quick video!

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Reflections on Mindfulness

You might be wondering what today's video and Quick Tip are all about... really. Don't I keep saying that, the more (and more regularly) you train your mind (aka meditate!), the more you find yourself increasingly "in the zone" to the point that you're in the zone more and more of the time.

Well, yes, I do and, yes, that's true - but, surrounded by lunatics, we're always prone to slippage and, because they're lunatics, we sometimes think that a bit of slippage is no real harm. (As an aside, the aforementioned lunatics could be your friends, your boss, you colleagues, your team-mates or, as someone said to me recently, they're most likely to be members of your own family... no comment!)

Slippage leads us onto, inevitably, the proverbial slippery slope and, even though we always have the opportunity in any here and now to slam on the brakes, the slippier the slope, the less effective the breaks until, as some clients tell me, you hit a big speed-bump or crisis and the sheer shock of it jolts you back to reality (as in real reality).

Don't go slipping and sliding to places that you will regret - you'll end up doing and saying things you shouldn't, you'll end up missing open-goal opportunities, you'll end up shooting yourself, at the very least, in the foot... all the while witnessing your life passing you by.

So, when the wheels come off, how long are you going to wait to pull yourself together? A now, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a lifetime....

It's your life.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

There was I thinking that the French had a monopoly on ordering things that were simply too large... like the fleet on new regional trains that wouldn't fit alongside thousands of railway stations' platforms!

I read, with mild amusement, that the Spanish Navy launched it fancy new submarine recently. First off, it took them a couple of months to get it to float... it kept sinking! Of course, you might say to yourself that that's the point of a submarine...

Anyway, they got it going, sailed it to its tailor-made new base but, of course, the new base wasn't tailor-made at all... the submarine wouldn't fit, it was too big!

Such troubles are, of course, of small importance when the key annoyance in your life is that you keep ordering a giant burger with all the trimmings when you know a bit of fish would far better float your boat!


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