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Coaching Videos & Tips - July 16 2018 No. 566


Well, it's thinking - but not as we know it! Our ordinary way of using our ordinary minds is a bizarre (leftover from evolution) constraint on how we should us our minds. There are non-thinking parts of our minds that prompt us to do just what we need to do to move our lives efforltessly in the right direction...


Mindfulness Tip

Give your non-thinking mind some elbow room. Take time out - could be a nice stroll, a long walk, an afternoon sitting watching the waves lap up the beach... we need to give ourselves the time to not think, the luxury of letting our minds of the leash of everyday thought.

OK, it might be abnormal to take time out in a busy busy world where our time appears to be at a premium and where it's just as important to be seen to be busy as actually doing something that adds value... but there's no more important doing than giving yourself some non-thinking time.

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Reflections on Mindfulness

I'm regularly asked about how to set your mind to a goal you wish to achieve - given that the subconscious mind needs "pictures" and the goals we need to set should never constrain our way of seeing the world to the extent that we blind ourselves to other possibilities or opportunities.

The big problem is that, when we start thinking about goals... well, we start thinking. And that is always, without fail, a mistake. How could your ordinary way of thinking inform you as to either what you want to achieve or the kind of life your heart desires? How could a mind that is equipped to enable you make it through each day - one day to the next - using an innner guidance system that we set on automatic during your formative years know anything much about who you might really be and what you might really be able to achieve? It's simply not possible.

This constraint - one with which we are all burdened - is at the very heart of this week's and last week's videos... thinking will not get you to where you want to go. Not only that, even if your ordinary way of thinking could tell you where you want to go, it would then trip you up by telling you should take a well-thought-out planned route to get there. This is not how life works - it's not even how businesses or careers work. If you're on the verge of thinking that you disagree with this last statement, reflect on how you've got to where you are - in your life, your relationships and your career or business.

Truly happy and successful people are constantly open to the inspirational so-called "Aha" moment. The ordinary thinking mind is always closed to this and, if it does encounter it, will rubbish whatever notion arises as being "unrealistic". Don't just not listen to your own self-doubts, don't let your thinking mind in on the action of reflecting on the life you want at all. Follow today's Quick Tip. Leave your mind free to wander... in that mode it will inform you as to what is the next most important thing you need to do to get you to where you really want to go.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

It's the time of year when children are off school but many parents still have to work... enter the grand-parents!

We witnessed an elderly couple struggling to (I was going to say keep...) but get a grip on two very fiesty little boys in the local market on Saturday. The little boys were running riot - the kind of things little boys do! - knocking over a stand of courgettes in the process.

The grand-father took one aside, whilts the grand-mother admonished the other. And, yes, five seconds later, they were at it again. Sterner words - louder words - passed between the generations this time but the poor grand-parents were way out of their depth.

The result of all the resultant stress was what? Yes, the elderly couple ended up having a shouting match with each other in the middle of the town square! Others, looking on, could have been forgiven for thinking that the circus had come to town!!


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