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Coaching Videos & Tips - June 28 2018 No. 564


It's a bet I'd be likely to win at least 96% of the time - because we all operate on auto-pilot, we all perceive in a prejudiced way and, as a result, we're generally clueless! Today's video doesn't just explore, it challenges you to do something about it - and there's something you can start doing about it right now.


Mindfulness Tip

Give yourself the gift of a long lunch-break or finish up early this evening. If you know you have less time in which to do what you have to do, you'll get it done quicker, more effectively and efficiently, just like the day before you go on holidays.

So treat yourself... you're worth it.

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Reflections on Mindfulness

This week's - and, actually, last week's too - video strongly suggests that, as we go about trying to achieve our goals and objectives in our daily lives, we're handcuffed, blindfolded, with our shoe laces tied together. And wonder how life sometime's overwhelms us or why we suffer from stress. It's awful difficult to do the right thing when we have no idea of what is actually going on!

The plain and simple truth is that our minds are designed to provide us with an approximation of reality, a representation that enables us make it through the day. Neuroscience confirms that we only use a framework of what we perceive through our senses, the detail is filled in on the basis of our working assumptions of what passes for reality. For example, research has found that we are "change-blind" to alterations in the visual field because we fill in the detail ourselves, without any perceptive process at all!

That might - just might - be OK if our working assumptions were based on recent learning and experience. But they're based on "stored knowledge" - and our core stored knowledge was learned when we were young and impressionable.

The sad truth is we are mindless until we do something concrete about it... and do it again and again every day, until our working assumptions change. Then, what we perceive changes and, then, so does our life.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Remember - probably twenty years ago - when we were all told that, as a result of technology and automation, we'd all be living lives of leisure? How is that working out for you? And what about the proposition that robots will make us all redundant?

Well, I'm pretty relaxed about the possibilities, having just driven past a road-repairing robot on the Swiss A1. There it was, doing whatever it was designed to do (hard to know without causing a crash!), being shepherded along the roadside by eight, yes a total of eight, guys in high visability vests... simply looking on.

So, the question is, how many Swiss roadworkers does it take to babysit a robot?


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