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Coaching Videos & Tips - June 20 2018 No. 563


OK - it's not a word but it makes my point for me! We all make our mind up about people, events and what's going on around us without bothering to take the time, make the effort or invest the energy in discovering what is before our very eyes. And that makes living your life properly oh so very difficult!


Mindfulness Tip

Admire something everyday - simply pick something that is in your line of vision and look at it as if you've never seen it before - because, chances are, you never actually have.

Make time, every day, to admire something everyday. As a client said many years ago, "I've trained my mind to experience the reality of the moment and, you'll never believe it, I can hear the birds sing".

The birds sing every day!

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Reflections on Mindfulness

We perceive according to our pre-programmed expectations - a well-established psychological fact and the premise from which today's video starts. In other words, we are close-minded.

I often see this when a client tells me that she or he has a very fixed view of what they want to achieve, what would make them happy - only later to be told that, having achieved their desired outcome, it wasn't what they wanted at all... be careful what you wish for!

But, when we're in automatic mode, which we are almost all of the time (until we train our minds to perform differently), we really cannot see the wood for the trees - we are completely oblivious to the opportunities that are often right before our very eyes. As ordinary-minded human beings, nothing that we do will change this - nothing with the exception of training our ordinary minds to experience reality (or as close to it as possible) as distinct from automatically "experiencing" our close-minded version of it.

We need to be open-minded for a whole variety of reasons: it is a prerequisite to setting our objectives and goals in a holistic, effective and life-enhancing way; it is a vital necessity to be able to spot opportunity and threat alike, embracing the former and avoiding the latter; it is the only way we learn and grow as individuals, individually and together.

Open your mind.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Being open-minded enables you perceive and grasp opportunities. But, in an age when people are increasingly getting stuck up about who's sending them email, I don't know how some people even get new business.

I received an email from a business coach who wanted to find out more about mindfulness-based coaching - an email to which I duly replied only to get an automatic failure notice that I wasn't on his approved list of emails and, to get on his approved list... I had to email him!

And his email, soliciting business, was on his website!


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