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Coaching Videos & Tips - May 24 2018 No. 559


Yes, it's not a word we use very much - and certainly almost never in business. We talk about goals, objectives, targets, plans, work/life balance... you name it, we're very good at being too grown up to talk about happiness - or maybe we're not grown up at all...


Mindfulness Tip

You may have something you'd prefer not to have to do today... it happens us all and, often, quite regularly.

Remember this, if there's something you need to do, it's far easier to do it than think about or agonize over doing it, feeling guilty that you've put it off an, then, tomorrow, doing the same thing all over again.

Do whatever it is you need to do... it will pass, everything does.

Reflections on Mindfulness

We talked last week about pushing the reset button. I suggested that you set the alarm on your 'phone to remind you to do that and suggested that this was something that you could do "for starters".

The interesting thing is - and everyone discovers this - that, after you've done that for a few days, you find yourself beginning to check and correct your focus without you having to deliberately decide to do it... it's like as if something in-built is beginning to refine your focus on the fly.

You might say to yourself, surely this is the brain's autopilot in action and aren't we trying to get away from automatic living into mindful and focused living. You'd be right on both fronts. It is the autopilot in action but, by regularly training yourself to check into the here and now, the autopilot is being reprogrammed... it's a practical example of neural plasticity in action: how, when we start using our brains in a novel fashion, our brains restructure themselves to accommodate new modalities.

Of course, the most effective way to do this - the fast track to new-mindedness - is formal or "proper" meditation.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Sitting in the Depatures Lounge in Geneva Airport as I write this... lots of the usual madness going on all around - have yet to spot anyone sitting down who isn't on some electronic device... myself included :-)

Just driven through the three tunnels that lead to the airport... they've been undergoing roadworks for three years now - they're adding new escape exits at closer intervals.

Now, you might think, this is Switzerland and everything runs like clockwork (literally!)... but, whilst the start date for these roadworks is still displayed on the warning signs, about a year ago they removed the end date or, at least, the month in which they were supposed to be finished.

Today, I noticed, the year of completion has been removed.... steady as she goes!!


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