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Coaching Videos & Tips - April 5 2018 No. 552

What's love got to do with it?

The old song suggests that love is - and I quote - "just a second-hand emotion"... but you and I know differently, or do you? In today's video we explore the truth about your so-called emotions and how, if you managed to control them better, you might just enhance every aspect of your life.


Mindfulness Tip

All kinds of things annoy us... in Microsoft's development centers there was always a team at the ready when a developer threw his or her laptop across the room in frustration! For a Mac user like myself, the little spinning wheel can drive you to distraction or...

Whatever drives you crazy provides you with an opportunity to relax, breathe in and out, smell the coffee, let the opportunity for annoyance pass... because everything passes.

Reflections on Mindfulness

Some of you know me a long time - either all the way back in the mists of time to my days in finance and banking or more "recently"... meaning at some point over the last twenty two years or so since I embarked on this mission of mine - to enable as many people as I can open their eyes, their mind and their lives to something new and potentially life-changing.

I don't say that lightly, I simply echo what many clients and friends tell me - once you change your perspective (moment-to-moment) everything else changes and that is, obviously, life-changing! But, once you do open those eyes and mind of yours, where is it that you want your new-found focused to take you? What's your mission? And, needless to say, I don't mean that in the way in which too many organizations have a Mission Statement... I'm talking about being on a mission rather than having one!

If you're not on a mission, how can you get excited about life? If you're not excited, how exciting can that be for everyone around you? If you're not turned on, say, as a leader, how can you reasonably expect to turn anyone else on? In fact, without a mission, chances are, you'll turn people off! That's not living.

This is a question you need to address or, if you've already addressed it, it is one that needs to be pollshed and burnished, exemplified and "felt"... you need to really feel the blood in your veins as you take on the adventure of being on a mission.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Spring has arrived and, in France, that means strike season... union members are not going to take to the Parisien streets in the wet and cold, now, are they?

The country has just embarked on a rolling three-month strike by train drivers... the suggestion that, in this day and age, it's a little unreasonable to be able to retire on your 50th birthday, well, seems a little unreasonable!

However, the strikes got off to an iffy start when the main Paris protest was short on protesters and those that did turn up were very angry indeed that... because of the strike, there weren't enough trains to get the protesters into the city!


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