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Coaching Videos & Tips - March 20 2018 No. 550

All Change!

From grappling with an empty nest (or not!) to doing what we need to do to jump start our business, career, health, whatever... we're not very good at doing change and, when change is thrust upon us, our first (automatic) reaction is to throw up as many barriers as we can lay our hands on. But... (you're going to have to watch the video!)


Mindfulness Tip

Today's tip is something you should start doing (if you're not doing it already) on a regular basis.

Read up on focus, mindfulness, awareness. Watch videos on YouTube (I've 500 for starters!), sign up to blogs or Ezines (going through "The Mind Boggles" each week would not be a bad idea!). Immerse yourself in learning about how you can learn more about yourself and start fully leading your life.

We're all (well, most of you!) are looking at "stuff" online or on social media... start looking at "useful stuff".

Reflections on Mindfulness

My clients often use the term "pennies dropping" to describe the manner in which awareness dawns on them. Awareness, self-awareness, mindfulness, flow in the moment... all these inadequate words express an insight, an understanding that is felt.

Some time back, a client mentioned to me that, when she had met me first, she had intellectually grasped the science, logic and compellling need to develop her mindfulness and awareness. She then proceeded to inform me that, just the previous day, she had "felt it". There's a difference between understanding and experience, a difference between getting it and knowing it.

In my 22 years of working with clients, I have only very rarely come across someone who has "an epiphany"... people rarely get struck by lightening! Rather than being drowned in a downpour of sudden experience, most people gradually get wet in a light drizzle.

That is why you (and me both!) need to constantly and consistently immerse ourselves in what ever we can - videos, articles, tips, books and, of course, regular practice - to grow our understanding of mindfulness, awareness and self-awareness: who we are and what we might become.

Because, one day, that understanding will lead to feeling it. And, then, you're in a different league altogether.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

My Dad owned a small haulage business in Dublin so, on Summer holidays, I'd end up working on the trucks - hauling Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Knorr Soups and Hellman's Mayonnaise to all the four corners of... Dublin!

We knew exactly how to load a truck so that everything stayed just so, while we were on our way from one supermarket to the next... that is not to say that, on occasion, the odd bottle of Hellman's might accidentally get damaged... what can you do with a reject case of Hellman's other than bring it home to the family?!!

But that's nothing in comparison to 3.4 tonnes of gold bars that fell out of a Russian transport plane in Siberia last week... it wasn't properly loaded and, on take-off, it all slid to the back of the plane and out the cargo door... and we were just talking (opposite) about pennies dropping :)


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