Boggles - Mindfulness Videos Articles and Tips February 14 2018 No. 546

U2 Might Just Have a Point

It's not even you that gets in the way of doing what you need to do to get to where you want to go... it's just your own thoughts. Neuroscience tells us that there are triggers in our brain that do, indeed, prevent us from doing new, different or "outside the comfort zone" things but, at the end of the day, it all amounts to thinking what we normally call self-limiting thoughts... you need to get those thoughts out of your own way!


Mindfulness Tip

It's Valentine's Day... love yourself! If you don't love yourself it's simply not possible to love anyone else. Sure, you can say you love them, you can claim to love them but, if you don't fully like yourself (or even love yourself) you're simply attempting to love others through the fog of how you feel about yourself.

So, start the loving by taking a few minutes to close your eyes, settle your mind and let the clear-headed, present focused you come to the surface... the one free of those self-limiting thoughts.

Reflections on Mindfulness

The boundaries of our achievement are self-defined and self-imposed. Within the limits of your physical prowess (and even this can be stretched) there are no limits other than those laid down by our own subconscious beliefs.

You might say to yourself, how can I change my beliefs? Surely beliefs are unshakable, dearly held. Often, it has taken hard scientific proof generations, even centuries, to overcome firmly-held beliefs. You might ask yourself, how can I rearrange my subconscious mind? By virtue of the fact that it is sub-conscious, how am I to consciously do anything about it?

Our beliefs are held subconsciously as psychological "snapshots" and they will always be with us. But we can park our self-limiting beliefs, stop paying them even subconscious attention by deliberately and consistentyly paying attention to something that is less limiting, less harmful and more real. What might be more real than our deep-seated thoughts? How might we do this?

Well, believe it or not (you see, there's a belief right there!), there's nothing more real than reality! I know, you have your own version of it by virtue of the extent to which you're mired in your own subconscious thoughts and belief-systems. But, reality is to be experienced by paying attention, full attention, to what your five senses are simply telling you here and now. How it feels to be sitting on the seat of the chair... how what actually physically feels. He it feels in your nostrils, throat, chest and stomach when you breath in and out... how it actually physically feels.

You have fives senses, use them. Come to your senses... it will be life-changing.

Normal Crazy People - Mindlessness in Action

Our TV gave up on us a couple of weeks ago... no big deal, we rarely watch it - but just before the start of the Six Nations! Quelle horreur... I brought it to a local shop (support the locals when you can) assuming that he might be more attuned to the customer than a large electrical "warehouse".

I paid €60 to see if it could be fixed - the €60 would be deducted from the cost of repair or a new TV and a new TV was what was required. No problem, I have a €60 "voucher" and it's the January Sales. So back we go to the shop to select and buy... a well warmed-up ready-to-buy customer.

For fully twenty minutes we are completely ignored - the guy I've already met is engrossed, on the 'phone to his mate talking about skiing, the other "sales person" disappears into the back office. After twenty minutes... I've put "sales person" in inverted commas because, if you can't sell to someone who is already half-way to buying from you...?


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